How to disable AIX logging ?

AIX logging uses syslog command and syslogd deamon to log all the debug and notices of system. Stopping the syslogd deamon will disable all types of logs to get logged in to user defined og file in /etc/syslog.conf

Below is a sample of syslog.conf file where you can redirect all the debug, notice, info and critical messages to /tmp/myfile
*.debug              /tmp/myfile
*.notice              /tmp/myfile
*.crit                  /tmp/myfile
*.info                 /tmp/myfile

Below is the commands to list, stop and start the syslog deamon

# lssrc -a | grep syslog
 syslogd          ras              4063400      active

# stopsrc -s syslogd
0513-044 The syslogd Subsystem was requested to stop.

# startsrc -g ras
0513-059 The syslogd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 4063402.
# lssrc -a | grep syslog
 syslogd          ras              4063402      active

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