How to determine if memory allocated to AIX LPAR is reached to it maximum ?

Answer :

To check the memory allocated to AIX LPAR has reached its Maximum level
Execute the below command on the HMC

hscroot@newhmc:~> lshwres -r mem -m system1 --level lpar --filter lpar_names=partition1 -Fcurr_mem:curr_max_mem

If curr_mem equals curr_max_mem it means it has reached its maximum. Here in above case it not reached it maximum level

To check using AIX LPAR command line 

Execute the command lparstat -i and grep for Memory

# lparstat -i | grep -i Memory
Online Memory          : 24064 MB        <<< Current 
Maximum Memory    : 32768 MB        <<< Max
Minimum Memory     : 2048 MB          <<< Min Memory

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