How to connect your Power System to HMC using Command Line ?

Answer :

To connect Power System to HMC using command line we need to know the FSP IP address. Once the FSP IP address is known we can connect as given below command

mksysconn --ip 9.x.x.x1 -r sys --passwd *****

--passwd is option to specify in the command line, if not specified the command will prompt for the password.

For High end Power Systems there will be two FSP IP 9.x.x.x1 and 9.x.x.x2 we need to connect both the FSP IP in this case

mksysconn --ip 9.x.x.x1 -r sys --passwd *****
mksysconn --ip 9.x.x.x2 -r sys --passwd *****

Password for both the FSP will be similar

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