AIX Operating System is from which company ?

AIX operating system belongs to International Business Machine ( IBM ) its a licensed UNIX Operating System. AIX operating system runs only on Power Systems hardware and cannot be installed on any other Hardware. AIX is highly robust and secure Operating System.

Advanced Interactive eXecutive (initially Advanced IBM uniX) is a System V based on AT&T branch of Unix. System V was the base system for apple network server and DEC systems on early 80s and later for xenix and SCO

It was developed to run on RISC computer architecture and it was supported in the original IBM PS/2 MCA

Since the initial AIX release in 1986, IBM development teams have added and enhanced AIX in areas of performance (SMT, ASO, DSO); analysis (NMON); virtualization (DLPARs); security (Security Expert, encrypted file systems); diagnostics (Probvue); Open Source (AIX toolbox for Linux); and management (live update, integration with PowerVM, PowerSC, PowerHA)

Can AIX run on VMWARE ?

No, AIX runs only on Power ppc64 hardware. VMWare is designed only to support x86 hardware.

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